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SmartProxyHelper 1.50
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SmartProxyHelper 1.50
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staženo: 465x
verze: 1.50 (28.8.2005)
os: 2003
licence: shareware
cena: 39.95
info: Smartstar Software
hodnocení: 2.50 (3 hlasy)

SmartProxyHelper is an all-powerful software to be capable of proxy searching, checking, management and assignment. It has provided all kinds of settings and options to satisfy user's different needs of acquisition and using the proxy. It can check with multithreading the level of proxy anonymity, the location of host and the transmission speed. It possesses a unique function of "smart proxy robot", which enables you realize a full automatic procurement and using of proxy without any moving of your finger. Then it shall get you easier to browse websites via proxy, ensure your anonymity when you surf the Internet and increase the browsing and downloading speed from some servers.
If you use "Local Proxy Server" function, the software itself also acts as a simple proxy server, i.e. which can provide proxy service for any exterior net applicant program that needs it by composing a second class proxy system with the SmartProxyHelper’s exterior deputizing dispatch. In addition, it is capable of recording the transmission message of your using the proxy server.
The built-in clear surf traces function can clear Cookie, history, temporary file and address list by one key, further strengthening the security to protect your privacy.

diskuze: smartproxyhelper 1.50
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